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Rebuild: Covington Slab Saw

Purchased in 1986, our Covington 18” Slab Saw (aka Momma Bear) has been the workhorse of our facility for nearly 25 years. Aside from a couple of new blades, a bearing change fifteen years ago, and some annual oiling it has required little (if any) attention.  This machine has been used to cut thousands of samples including agate, jasper, and large garnets. In fact, it is quite possible that Momma Bear has performed over 10,000 cuts.

Momma Bear has given us so much love and asked little in return. Her arbor bearings are shot which has damaged the arbor itself. Her case is rusting. The insulation on her wiring is starting to crumble. It is time to give Momma Bear some real attention.

With the assistance of our electronics wizzard from the physics department, Mike Thornburg, we plan to accomplish the following:

  • Disassemble entire machine with exception of the vice assembly
  • Powerwash case, have sandblasted and powder coated
  • Rebuild arbor+bearing assembly
  • Rewire electrical components
  • Fix anything we break along the way :wnk:
Covington 18'' Slab SawCovington 18" Slab Saw